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Easily Close a Company

An inactive or dormant company can be wound up to avoid annual compliance formalities and the penalty for non-compliance.

A tedious, but very necessary, the procedure that can even take over a year to complete.

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Closing a Company

If your business in the private limited company is not running properly or faces continuous losses, it is better to close such private limited company and look for a new beginning. A private limited company needs to be closed or windup, when there are no exchanges or the Directors of the company, are not willing to proceed its operations. A private limited company generally can be shut by both voluntary and compulsory circumstances. Private limited Company Closure is done through Kou-Chan Services.
For closing a private limited company is a tedious, but necessary, procedure. Without doing so, you would need to annually meet the requirements of the Registrar of Companies (which means spending money on audit and compliances). The bigger reason you would want to do this, of course, is because it releases the assets and investments made by you.

Pricing Details

Close a Limited Liability Partnership

  • Statutory Act – Companies Act 2008
  • Convertable – No
  • Closure Compliances – Few
  • Closure Time – 20 days

Close a Private Limited Company

  • Statutory Act – Companies Act 2013
  • Convertable – Yes
  • Closure Compliances – Moderate
  • Closure Time – 20 days

For M3 Customer 10% Discount

Inclusive in Closing Company package

Documents Required Trademark Registration

ID Proof

Scanned copy of PAN Card of the applicant and Aadhar card/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License

Financial Statement

Annual Return and Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet

Bank Statement

Latest Bank statement

Other Documents

Income Tax return & Indemnity Bond

Registration Procedure


Sell the company

Declare the company as defunct

Winding up and dissolution the company

It is necessary to intimate the Registrar for the closure of  Private Limited Company to update the MCA data and make company free from all its legal compliances.

The closing documents have to be filed within 30 days from the date of signing of the assets and liabilities statement.

In case the LLP has liabilities and assets, it is mandatory to appoint a provisional liquidator or liquidator from the panel.