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Our Technology revolutionizing the secure digital payments.
Even Easier than using a Credit Card

Simple. Seamless. Secure.

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For accepting payments from your customers, all you need is just a mobile number and M3 e-wallet App

Accepting Payments Become easy with M3 Merchant Pay

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One e-wallet for All Digital Payments

One e – Wallet for All Digital Payments

Best Shopping Experience with M3 e-wallet

Exciting cash backs & discounts, life style shopping, just Scan & Pay.!

One e-Wallet for all digital payments

The Next Digital Merchants

There are 40 million Micro Small Medium Enterprise merchants across growth markets In India. M3 e-wallet aims to provide digital secured payment solutions to market needs to support their business growth

Cashless Supply Chain and Financial Services

Securing Digital Payment is one module. M3 e-wallet provides cashless supply chain solutions for retailers and distributors and provides access to micro finance to growth in their business

More Features

Accept Money with M3 e-wallet Account and transfer to your savings bank account

We made acceptance of e-money to M3 e-wallets. We integrated transfer solution from e-wallet to major banks, hence enabling with single POS device enabling merchant accept digital payment from any M3 customer.

  • Accept all customer digital payment and become part of promoting Digital cashless India
  • with QR code scan & pay, increase customers & business sales.
  • Make cashless supply chain payments.
  • Build a Credit Profile
  • Access Financial Services
  • Push your advertising & business promotions

Features That Matter

The Features You’ll Love It

Recharge Mobile

Recharge your mobile balance with M3 e-wallet and earn commission on every recharge. become Silver, Gold, and Platinum Member

Wallet to Wallet

you can make instant money transfer with M3 e-wallet to all your m3 e-wallet instantly.

Recharge DTH

Recharge your DTH balance with M3 e-wallet and earn commission on every recharge. become Silver, Gold, and Platinum Member

Wallet to Bank

you can transfer money from your M3 e-wallet to your savings bank account any time. Instantly..!

Utility Payments

You can pay all your utility services bills like,  Mobile/DTH, Gas, Electricity, Insurance, from M3 e-wallet App.!

Wallet to Group

Create group wallet for all your friends and transfer to all at a single tap. isn’t amazing.!

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